Care and Maintenance

Our Warranty

Caring for your Galaxy Stone flooring is easy! With very little effort and time, you’ll extend the life of your floor and your investment. Our products are tremendously durable, high-quality flooring installations, but even concrete resurfacing requires maintenance.

Galaxy Stone floors resist stains, oil, and rust to keep it looking like new longer than many competitive products. Each stone is epoxy coated making it impermeable.

Our Galaxy Stone seamless stone floors withstand up to 8,000 lbs per square inch and have a high elasticity that withstands winter cold and summer heat.  (That means your floor can take heavy traffic, year after year.)

Galaxy Stone seamless stone flooring requires no special care or maintenance beyond periodic resealing to maintain its beauty and durability.


For daily cleaning, we suggest a mop, vacuum or broom to remove any loose dust or debris. A carpet scrubber, steam mop, or Shop-Vac are ideal for any spills or deep cleaning.

To care for your garage floor, we suggest using a garden hose or a pressure washer for a deeper clean.


A broom, vacuum or mop is ideal to pick up any debris, while a garden hose is great for a routine clean. No need for any cleaner or detergent!

We also suggest a yearly power washing to keep your outdoor stone looking new.

Exterior Installations:

Galaxy Stone of Pittsburgh offers a limited 2-year warranty on all outside installations.

Interior Installations:

All interior installations have a 5-year limited warranty.