• What is Galaxy Stone?

    Galaxy Stone is a mix of carefully selected river gravel, separated into a variety of rich earth tones, then mixed with an exceptional space age epoxy.

  • Is Galaxy Stone expensive?

    Our Galaxy Stone products are reasonable in cost.  Galaxy Stone compares favorably with tile, terrazzo, brick, slate, and flagstone, yet we believe it far surpasses all in looks and ease of maintenance!

  • Does Galaxy Stone need maintenance?

    A regular washing, as with any floor, keeps Galaxy Stone looking like new.  Periodic resealing, especially for outdoor applications, should be scheduled depending on the area of application.  (Once we’re familiar with your installation, we recommend an appropriate resealing schedule for you.)

  • Is Galaxy Stone durable?

    Galaxy Stone is suitable for heavy traffic, literally.  It can be used in garage, parking, and commercial walkway applications.  Galaxy Stone flooring is great for concrete resurfacing.  It withstands pressures up to 8,000 lbs per square inch.  Galaxy Stone’s 22% elasticity responds to heat and cold cycles without the need for expansion joints.  With periodic resealing, Galaxy Stone lasts for decades while maintaining its good looks.

  • Can Galaxy Stone be used outdoors?

    Yes.  Our Galaxy Stone product is perfect for outdoor uses, including walkways, sidewalks, poolside areas, porches, decks, and more.  Always feel free to ask about whatever imaginative use you may envision.  Our experts will do everything we can to make it happen.

  • Is Galaxy Stone a good garage floor covering?

    Galaxy Stone is the perfect garage floor covering.  It provides seamless beauty to showcase your vehicles, withstands weight up to 8,000 lbs per square inch, resists freeze-thaw cycles, is stain resistant, and is porous to water.

  • Does Galaxy Stone offer floor decor?

    Yes.  Decorative floor decor options are one of the strengths of Galaxy Stone.  Our flooring can include various color shifts and patterns such as borders, circles, words, even silhouettes (we’ve done leaping dolphins, turtles, stars, a lighthouse, and more!)  Commercial installations can be included in the floor logo design.

  • Can Galaxy Stone be used instead of laminate flooring or hardwood flooring?

    It’s up to you.  Galaxy Stone is a beautiful, durable flooring alternative for many indoor uses.  If you are considering tile, terrazzo, or even laminate flooring or hardwood flooring for your game room, basement, kitchen, laundry room, patio, porch, hot tubs, and more –  you owe it to yourself to check out the lasting value Galaxy Stone can bring to your home.

  • Do you provide commercial flooring and industrial flooring?

    Of Course.  Galaxy Stone is great flooring for light manufacturing facilities, public entryways and walkways, hospitals and health facilities, schools, commercial centers, shopping malls, and more!  Ask about our ability to emblazon logos right in the flooring!  Galaxy Stone is great commercial flooring for mall walkways, center courts, vestibules, store entrances, even high-end parking areas.

  • Does Galaxy Stone stain?

    Galaxy Stone flooring is stain, oil, and rust resistant.  It is a porous flooring that allows water to move straight through (to a drain beneath for example).

  • Can Galaxy Stone be repaired?

    Yes.  In the unusual event that your Galaxy Stone flooring becomes damaged, it can be repaired with virtually no evidence of the break.