Exterior Stone Flooring

Expert Installation

What makes us the high-value choice? 

After more than 30 years in Pittsburgh, we are the ONE and ONLY original, Pittsburgh based epoxy/aggregate flooring specialists – not a Franchise.

We are Pittsburghers Serving Pittsburghers!

Porches, Patios & Walkways

Is the concrete work around your home nothing more than a “drab slab?”

At Galaxy Stone, we bring walkways, patios, and fire pit installations to life! 

Your home is your biggest investment.  Make the most of it!

Our natural stone flooring offers captivating and long-lasting results.

We bring a premium product, experienced installers, and exceptional customer service to every job.  At Galaxy Stone, we want you to be more than satisfied – we want you to be amazed!

Our natural stone, epoxy flooring dresses up your concrete and offers years of long-lasting satisfaction.

  • Beware of inferior products.

Your home is more than an expense; make it an elegant showplace with Galaxy Stone’s products and expert installation.